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OnlineShop-Neo Amazon-USA Company's Information

OnlineShop-Neo Amazon-USA Company's Information
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Company's Information of OnlineShop-Neo Amazon-USA

Company's Outline OnlineShop-Neo Amazon-USA is the Online Shop managed by "NeoLux Inc." in collaboration with
You can search secure and safe products easily from the world largest Amazon Marketplace USA. Please enjoy your shopping in the world largest Online Shop OnlineShop-Neo Amazon-USA.
Location Ichihara-city, Chiba, 299-0114, JAPAN
CEO Photo of CEO Shinji Kawamoto Dr. Eng. Shinji Kawamoto

I'm managing this site.
My field is the numerical simulation of natural phenomena.
  1. System Integration by using Optical Fiber Equipments, e.g., FBG-IS (Fiber Bragg Grating - Interrogation System) or OTDR(Optical Time Domain Reflectometer).
  2. Development of software.
  3. Manage Online Shop and other Web sites.
  4. Investment.

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Company's Information
Company's Information

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